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Home>Lights & Lighting>Stage lights>New upgrade Parlight 54 full-color waterproof lighting tree lights indoor foreign travel bright dyeing lights led outdoor stage lights
New upgrade Parlight 54 full-color waterproof lighting tree lights indoor foreign travel bright dyeing lights led outdoor stage lights

New upgrade Parlight 54 full-color waterproof lighting tree lights indoor foreign travel bright dyeing lights led outdoor stage lights Item NO.: 54 Parlight

US$ 92.28
LED color
7 colors full colors 2 colors (warm+white) American plug power cord 1m European plug power cord 1m British plug power cord 1m Australian plug power cord 1m Chinese plug power cord 1m Remote Controller
54 LED Par Light
Customized Requirements
Stock ( 2700 ) MOQ ( 2 )

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Product Name New upgrade Parlight 54 full-color waterproof lighting tree lights indoor foreign travel bright dyeing lights led outdoor stage lights
Item NO. 54 Parlight
Weight 6 kg = 13.2277 lb = 211.6438 oz
Category Lights & Lighting > Stage lights
Creation Time 2023-10-27


*** The lamp can be used alone or in series. Dimming can be done either through the control panel behind the light body or through the remote control.

One remote control can control 1 light, can also control a series of lights.


一个遥控器可以控制1盏 灯,也可以控制串联起来的一组灯。

If each lamp is used separately, configure one power cable for each lamp. When multiple lights are connected in series to form a group, only 1 power cord is needed. Each power cord can carry up to 10 lights.


Product name: 54 private mold waterproof lamps
Power consumption: 200W
Product power supply: AC90V-240V,50/60Hz
Light bulbs: 54 3WRGBWLEDs
Control mode: DMX512/automatic/sound/master-slave
Luminous angle: 25/45 degrees
Packaging carton size: 25*25*36cm
Gross weight: 6KG

Plug selection:
Plug defaults to the national standard, which requires American plug-in, Australian plug-in, European plug-in, English plug-in, Japanese plug-in, please note or leave a message when placing an order.

Universal with 99% Pa lamp channel/built-in RDM function
Private model waterproof 54 handkerchief lamps
Ultra-brightness and efficient heat dissipation IP68 waterproof

Excellentness comes from our intentions.
Star quality + national price + 8 core technologies

Multi-color selection
Imported lamp beads
IP68 waterproof
Super beam of light
Explosion protection
Full power
Constant current motherboard
Leakage protection

Certification of the three systems
International Organization for Standardization
CE security certification
EU harmless certification

The scene is full of light.
Atmosphere staining
Entertainment atmosphere artifact
Suitable for a variety of places
Multi-scene use: roof lighting, scenic spot lighting, outdoor stage, lighting engineering, etc.

RGB full-color dyeing
A single lamp bead is composed of three different colors: red, green and blue.
It can mix tens of thousands of colors.

Sensitive voice-controlled intelligent discoloration
The variable lamp moves with the sound and intelligently changes the color of the light with the live music.
This kind of lamp will change color according to the rhythm of the music.

Cast aluminum shell
IP68 waterproof
Fully sealed body, insulated body without fear of wind, rain, sand and snow
Design, thunder is fearless, and the quality is guaranteed.
Fully sealed
Super safe
Corrosion resistance
Reinforced fuselage
Insulation and isolation
Power supply design
Parts selection

Explore core competencies
The waterproof lamps on the market are generally not bright enough, the coverage is insufficient, and the effect is unsatisfactory.

Our waterproof lantern
High quality and high technology
Secure housing, fire and flame retardant
54 high brightness 3W light beads
Wide irradiation surface, thick beam, 5x magnification of light effect
High-tech content and high quality
Support voice-controlled self-propelled, imported constant current motherboard
Good color development without glare
The beam is highlighted, and the color is bright and mild.

Other waterproof lamps
Low-end process of inferior materials
Plastic shell, cut corners
Ordinary beads
Low and unstable brightness
Low technical content
The light cannot change with the music.
Poor chromaticity
The color irradiated is gray.

Structural analysis
Exclusive display of the internal structure of the lamp body, not every manufacturer dares to play like this. The precise and reasonable structural design is just to better display the effect.
Thickened aluminum heat sheet
High-power fan
200W power supply
3W imported lamp beads
0.5 square copper wire
Split constant current motherboard

Product parameter display
The following sizes are all manually measured. If there is any error of 1-3CM, please understand!

Diagram of the lamp in series
The power plug of lamp 1 is plugged into the socket, and one of the signal lines of lamp 1 is connected to the console.
Another signal line of lamp 1 is connected in series with the signal line of lamp 2, and another power cord of lamp 1.
It is connected in series with the power cord of Lamp 2 and so on.

Male and female signal lines in series
Signal line Canon head
Male-female docking in series
Power cord male and female in series
Two-prong power connectors
Power cord connector

Function key introduction
Display screen
Signal output
Power output
Signal input
Power Input
Confirm Save
Function mode
Decrease and slowdown
Acceleration of value addition


Instructions for using remote control
Both the remote control and the console can be controlled. You only need to switch the button on the remote control to control it with the console.

Red dimming key

Green dimming key

Blue dimming key

White dimming key

The 1234 key needs to be used with 5 keys. Loop this button can adjust the brightness of the light.

Dimming on the key

Use 5 keys with 1234 keys to control the color brightness of the light.
Jumping mode

Gradient mode

Pulse mode

Voice control mode

There are 4 speed options for light changes.

Strobe mode
Cycle this key to control the strobe speed.

Modes such as running lights or running water
To use this function key, you need to set it on the lamp body.

Wireless remote control switch
Start and turn off remote control


Full-color display

Colorful effects display

Display of product details
Safety and quality go hand in hand
Every detail is carefully designed by ingenuity, so you have a better effect.
High-power power supply
It adopts a wide voltage power supply, which is internationally used.
Large capacitor thickened copper wire, higher brightness and good current stability
Six prism design
18 high-brightness cellular lenses
Strong color and bright color, black cover, no light leakage

Control the motherboard.
The imported split motherboard is adopted to provide stable current to the lamp beads.
Pure copper rubber power cable, special soft wire, non-glueing, non-fracture, stable and cold-resistant without deformation.

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